The Real Israel and Judah

“Finally! Israel and Judah are coming together. Good News for the ‘Real’ Israel and Judah worldwide for we are finally taking root and growing in our preparedness, awareness and networks in the Truth of the Most High”


Our Wilderness Fund For Israel is yet another testimony of the gathering of the Most Highs children around the world.  For in the last days, the children of the Most High shall prophesy.  There has been a sudden surge of awareness in identity of the tribes of Israel and Judah seeking to bear witness to the fulfillment of prophecies of the Most High in any way possible.  Our Wilderness Fund For Israel is a gathering of Brothers and Sisters in Truth as volunteers who are determined to stand by the scriptures of our Hallowed and Holy Father the Most High and Our True Sovereign Yahushua.

Those chosen, awakened and sealed by the Most High Himself have been making steady but sure steps towards preparing for Our Most Highs Day.  The prophecies being fulfilled are undeniable in the light of mass disclosure throughout the world.  Social media platforms have not only isolated people, but have brought like minded people together.  This includes the prophesied Gathering within Yahushua who is Truth.

The media is incredulous for undermining topics like this, as it does not serve their ultimate agenda.  This topic however should be discussed as it is a very prominent phenomenon taking place worldwide.  Amidst the chaotic break down of our worldly fixtures, those not of this world, are exposing credible evidence based on scripture and truth.  Despite the back lash and inner turmoil among the people of the Most High, they have been quite successful with enlightening others.  Furthermore, the result of their works have strengthened the surge of support in establishing networks of people whom are interested in and learning about scripture.

There has been a positive resurgence of the Most High’s word through evidence within scripture, from history and in relation to current events.  As this world indeed draws to a close, the call for preparedness among the Most Highs people is louder than ever.  Unfortunately there are many who cannot ever understand the scriptures and in that respect have to take heed only to the lies that this world has given them.

2 Corinthians 6:14     Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness?


Author: Owffi

Our Wilderness Fund For Israel is a small part of a much larger phenomenon taking place in the world right now. The Gathering of the Most Highs children. We are a handful of volunteers seeking steadfastness in the truth of the Most High and are currently working voluntarily to relocate brothers and sisters in the Truth. Find out more at

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